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jdc Fine Art
2400 Kettner Boulevard, Suite 208
San Diego, California 92101

Book Publishers:
Sturm & Drang

David Kasnic (2011)
Ian C. Bates (2012)
Steven Turville (2013)
Sam Owens (2014)
Roxana Pop (2015)

*These are young photographers I have been fortunate enough to have help out in my studio for a period of time. They’re awesome. Check out their work!

Holland Photo Imaging, Austin, TX (for processing and proof scans)
Light Work, Syracuse, NY (for Imacon scans and fine art prints)
Flatten Image, Richmond, VA (for Imacon scans and fine art prints)

I use Sony, Canon, Mamiya and Hasselblad cameras and Kodak Professional Films.

For fresh design and fresh eyes, I love collaborating with Photo Editor Mike Davis and Designer Deb Pang Davis.

Abdulaziz, Mustafah
Ackerman, Jenn
Ang, Ying
Bailey, Trent Davis
Banks, David Walter
Blue, Victor
Brinson, Kendrick
Byun, Yoon
Capoziello, Chris
Casteel, ML
Derballa, Bryan
Devereaux, Noah
Dove, Travis
Drake, Carolyn
Dudik, Eliot
Facun, Rich-Joseph
Flanagan, Annie
Franz, Dustin
Frerichs, Eugénie
Friberg, Michael
Fridyland, Jenia
Gannaway, Preston
Gibson, Ariella
Gonzales, Andres
Grann, Nate
Gruber, Tim
Hansen, Christian
Hardin, Aaron
Hererra, Martin
Hoffman, Brendan
Hoffman, Peter
Holcombe, Cody
Jacks, Will
James, Kelly Lynn
Kayne, Eric
Khan, Greg
Kim, Hyunsoo Leo
Long, Ward
Lowy, Ben
Lucier, Amanda
Lynn, Lori Lynn
Lyttle, Melissa
Lytvinenko, Tim
Mantle, Ross
Markosian, Diana
Maxon, Justin
McCollough, Peter
McGarvey, Maddie
Montgomery, Phillip
Morales, Andrea
Morse, Peter
Neelman, Sol
Nordeman, Landon
Prior, Thomas
Rabinowitz, Noah
Rasmussen, Ben
Rochkind, David
Rosenthal, Nicole
Rubenstein, Michael
Roye, Ruddy
Soares, Jared
Spear, Andrew
Strickland, Tyler
Swall, Lexey
Taylor, Ross
Thibodeaux, Brandon
Tully, John
Watson, Joshua
Worsham, Susan

**These are people that I am fortunate enough to call friends, and you should know them too. Hire them, pick their brains, buy their prints, buy them drinks!

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